Skate Wilder

You can call me Skate.

“” is my home, my site & my brand.
I have a YouTube channel where I upload my videos. Soon you can find my new project  “” on YouTube as well…

Vegas Stories
Las Vegas. The Entertainment Capital of the World. Sin City.
Or as Nevada people say themselves, just “Vegas”.
Vegas Stories is videos from my life in Vegas.

Sweden Stories
When I visit my home country Sweden, I usually take a lot of pictures and videos.
Want to know more about Sweden? Check these videos out!

Ski Stories
Skiing. It’s like dancing down the hill.
I lived a year in the beautiful town of South Lake Tahoe in Northern Nevada. Check out what happened when I hit the slope there (literally). 

Poker Stories
I am a poker dealer, and I play poker.  Find out more about my life at the tables, by checking out these videos!

Videos på Svenska
A mix of old and new videos.
In Swedish language.


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Skate Wilder