About Me

Honesty – Respect – Etiquette

Soren Lundgren is my real name.
Online, I am Skate Wilder.

Born and raised in Sweden, I moved to USA and Las Vegas 2008. I spent a year up in South Lake Tahoe, Northern Nevada, but since 2016 I am back in Vegas.

I love Ice-hockey, Skiing, Rock Music, Poker, Travel… You name it – I like it. I enjoy life, and I don’t have time for everything I like to do.
I wish our day had 48 hours, the week 14 days, and the year 24 Months…
I have lived an active life – Alpine & Cross Country Skiing, Soccer, Golf, Ping Pong, Swimming, Cycling, and as I said, I absolutely love Ice-hockey. 

30 years of Hockey. Multiple years as a Team Captain and 2 years as a Coach.

Education: Construction Engineering, Project planning & IT. 
Canon Business School, including Business 2 Business, Account Sales, Individual Leadership Management, and Personal Profile Studies.
Successfully had my own IT company for 8 years.
Sales Management, Store Manager. Team Leader.
Sales for 20+ years.

YouTube is my home
Photography is another passion I have.  Today it has evolved into production of videos. I do everything with the videos myself – I hold the camera, I act in front of it, I write scripts, I work with the lights & sound and I edit it all on my laptop at home.

Coming soon!
I am working on a big project, and I hope I can launch a new YouTube-channel beginning of summer 2020.

Recent Awards and Diplomas